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May 10, 2010
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This had to be the worst day of his life.

Desmond Miles, 25, had finally escaped his captors at Abstergo.  It was only possible thanks to Lucy, whom he was currently following as they ran through the sterile hallways. The escape seemed to be going smoothly. Nothing happened; no one caught sight of them as Lucy and Desmond raced to the nearest, unguarded exit. It was almost too effortless, too perfect. Almost.

Warren Vidic had somehow known the Assassin and the would-be-Assassin would be exiting through the parking lot. Dear Dr. Vidic had ordered many of his guards to swarm the parking lot at the first sight of anyone trying to escape. A matter of seconds after Lucy and Desmond stepped into the parking lot, it was teeming with Templars. At some point during the confusion and mayhem of the fight, Desmond was separated from Lucy. He figured that if he was able to get away, Lucy should have too. Only problem was, Desmond had no idea where she would have gone.

Now, Desmond was walking the busy streets of Manhattan. Weaving and swerving through the mass, he noticed that he wasn't very far from his home before the kidnapping. After what he had learned though, he could never go back to that life of ignorance.

"Besides, Abstergo's sure to see if I crawled back to that place."  He thought as he avoided a man on his cell phone. Desmond took a right into a dark alleyway, checking over his shoulder to make sure no one followed him. Feeling sufficiently safe, his posture relaxed. Desmond saw a nearby ladder and moved towards it.

"Need to get higher up, see what's happening."  He moved with the swiftness of his ancestor, something he never seemed to possess before. He was on the roof in a matter of minutes. Looking down the sides of the roof discretely, he could in fact see no one looking like they were looking for him. Desmond decided to climb up a couple more stories, to get further from any Abstergo agents. He got to about six stories up before he was unable to continue further. Six stories up and the scenery was breath taking for him. It was so different from had he saw from day to day. Sounds of the streets echoed off of the skyscrapers, creating a surreal feeling.

It hit him a second time as he stood there, he was free. He was free. Desmond inhaled the Manhattan air as he looked at all of the adjacent buildings. His gaze happened to fall on what appeared to be a man running up the face of a building a block away.

"What the hell…?" Desmond gaped. He managed to tell that the figure who was defying gravity was male. Curiosity momentarily seized him.

Who was he?

Where was he going?

How can he do that?

Questions raced through his head before his (maybe Altair's) logic kicked in, answering the questions.

He's obviously someone to stay away from.

It's none of your business. Besides, you can't follow him.

Probably better if you didn't know how he got them.

In moments, the figure was gone. Desmond stood for a moment in astonishment. He figured he should get moving, he was still relatively close to Abstergo. Last thing he wanted was to be caught again. Searching for a path over the few lower buildings, Desmond moved forward.


Alex Mercer, 29, had lead a pretty interesting life. At least, from what he could recall from his few memories it was interesting. Unfortunately, he couldn't recall much. Only his name and the fact he woke up in a GENTEK morgue. If that wasn't strange enough, he found out that he could be riddled with bullet holes and be just fine. It wasn't a problem, it was just weird and he wanted to know how and why he was like this. The only way he'd find out these things was to track down the people who did this to him.

Alex had just finished consuming a Blackwatch agent. Unfortunately, none of his memories helped Alex further is search of who did this to him. Disgruntled, he ran up a building to escape the military. He had accidentally taken his frustration out on a marine and now they were chasing him. In only took a few second for Alex to escape the sight of the marines. Why they pursued him, Alex had no explanation. After he had consumed the agent, the radio went off. The officer on the other end was saying there was a break out at the Abstergo building. The message intrigued Alex only mildly. He figured there could be someone there with the information he craved. Jumping from building to building, he made his way to the Abstergo building in record timing. When he got there, it seemed that all of the fuss was over. In fact, it looked like nothing happened at all. Turning around, he continued on to where he thought actual results might crop up.

As Alex sprinted up the side of a building, he felt the gaze of someone fall on him. It somehow felt different from the other stares he received.

Infection of the Blacklight virus in Manhattan: 3%
Well, I'm back! different kind of art but art all the same. First lit work too I've done on here...

This Story is Post AC1, in the very beginning of AC2, and towards the beginning of Prototype. Spoilers will probably will happen XD;

This puppy attacked me after seeing :icondoubleleaf: and:iconneofox:'s pictures with Alex Mercer and Desmond Miles together. The couple caught me and after a bit, this started to form. Still working the plot, probably they'll meet around Chapter 4. And you know what? Bad Romance could totally fit these two XD

Comments, suggestions, errors you find are all welcome :]

And thank you :iconfaded-mind: for Beta-ing it :]

Alex Mercer (c) [Prototype]
Desmond Miles (c) Assassin's Creed 1+2
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Sylvano-DRAGON Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Alex really looks way more angry in the game than in your story :giggle:

I like the little addition of the virus spreading percentage ^w^
fishylyco Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is great! ASSASSIN'S CREED AND PROTOTYPE? I ALMOST DIED. THEY MAKE THE BEST TEAM EVA!!! I can just see it now... Desmond and Alex kicking Blacklight and Abstergo's butts!!! :)
Mizunou Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
ooooo! this looks like the start of something great!!
Jesscookie Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
Nehe, I wish there was an Abstergo building in Prototype. I would run up that building all the time, and occasionally look for Desmond's room. :XD:
Clouds-Grl923 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
XDD I'm sure we all would. OH ABSTERGO~
Jesscookie Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
It would freak me out a bit if Abstergo coincidently ended up being in Manhattan. XD
Tangerine-Catnip Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Humm~ what to say about this?

Perhaps open ended?

No,no, I kid

It's excellent, I like how you played desi's thoughts out and mixed in a few bleeding effect references. It's good foreshadowing for when desu gets to use his ancestors abilities more fully.

If I had to nitpick I'd needle you form more description but it's pretty good already.. .but a few more sentences on that panoramic view bit would help us really see it. you know, like maybe a sentence on how the lights of the city looked or something on the sunset over the water surrounding the city. maybe even throw in the name of a famous building to help set the surroundings. (you don't always have to do this but it's nice in the first chapter to fashion the background)

But it sounds like you have quite the epic worked out in your head. I'll be interested to watch how you translate it into words.

and even more interested to find out who's on top~ =D

ps. Yha, "Bad Romance" fits them a little but not as well as gaga's other song “Monster” now that song was practically written for them.

Pss. oh yes and you overused the word 'building' a little at the end. maybe sub in “Abstergo Tower”?

(sry, I'm just trying to help… btw tell me if my nitpicking bugs you. I personally like it when people point out my flaws so I can avoid making mistakes in the future but I know that not everyone enjoys it.)
Clouds-Grl923 Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
Don't be sorry at all! This really helps me a lot. I'll be sure to put in more for the setting, I did feel it was lacking but I really wanted to get the story out. I'll have to look into famous buildings and such since I've never been to Manhattan XD //lives on the other side of the country// I can certainly work that in to the next chapter.

I do XD I defiantly had to rethink a scene in my head after reading a story that very slightly used the same idea. [It was still too close for me] So Yeah, hopefully that plot stunt doesn't lose people XD

I do't listen to many Gaga songs so I didn't even know that song existed XD I'll be sure to listen to it.

I did? I'll be sure to try to mix it up next time. I, being the lazy person I am, will probably just leave it for now. :]

Like I said in the beginning of this post, don't be sorry! I hadn't had a good crit yet so I really didn't know how good this story was at all. This is a HUGE help for me. //hugs// Thank you :]
Tangerine-Catnip Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
For the record, I had to look rly hard to find any complaints! But I know the feeling, the little annoying plot bunny’s gnawing on your brainstem. you just have to write!

cool, It's not to hard btw, if you own prototype you can just take Alex out and pick one. then check where you were on the map and look it up online. that’s what I do~ //since I don’t even live in the right country//

But yha just aimless suggestions~

Omg I hate it when that happens.. it worse when you already written it to.. XP well what can you do? great minds think alike.. sadly..

Gha yha I’m just a gaga nerd like that.. sry~

Don’t worry I do it all that time! I totally overused the word novice just yesterday! it’s fine. Like I sied I was looking for stuff to criticize.

not at all glad I could help in my own lame way.. :iconbackhug:
Clouds-Grl923 Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
Well, I'm glad there wasn't and OBVIOUS things to complain about. :]

Yeah. Pretty bad bunnies D: I think I'm currently hostage in my own brain from the little buggers D;

And you know, that's a great idea! //looks where some of the apartments are in Prototypw// :'D /fail

Indeed. Indeed XD Oh well, people will just have to DEAL.

Yeah. I hate overusing words, I really try not to XD [I really had that problem in Chapter 2] But yeah, I'll try to finish CH 2 asasp but I don't know how much I can get done over this week end, lots of school stuff :<
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